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PCA ( Poodle Club of America Specialty)

Here she is placing in the large 12-18 month class

at Poodle Club of America Specialty 2011.

It's a Wrap!


Winning Photo......New Champion


Finished, Lenox is ready for the ride home. Let's GO! 


CH Firebrook Swanky Bubbles

Doing what poodles love to do....looking HOT!

Firebrook Swanky Bubbles  aka LENOX  is home and has raised two litters. Her success now includes Champion Producer......Siri (from June 2014 litter finished her title in Oct 2015 continuing the long line of spectacular champion dogs)


Here she is winning her first major under Fabian Arienti who commented on her beautiful movement!

IT's OFFICIAL!!!!  Lenox finished on 6/11/2011 and can now be called



Lenox is from the Standard litter born Dec 2009.  One of three beautiful females and 6 stunning was a tough decision picking this one "show stopper" becasue any one of these babies could have exceeded all our expectations in the show ring.  Lenox has done spectacularly having obtained the majority of her points while still a puppy (11 points total including one major).  She then turned a year in Dec 2010, grew more coat and was placed in English Saddle.  Out again, she was shown at PCA placing 2nd in the large 12-18 month class.  We now have the honor of calling her <CHAMPION>  My son Ryan is in heaven just enjoying her return as she spends the summer with him.  

This was a very special win as Lenox went Best Of Variety over a Specials dog which had over 45 Best In Shows and Specialty Best In Shows wins.

An honor for such a lovely dog! This is Lenox winning her first points.