Firebrook Poodles

Exceptional standard and miniature poodles bred for brains and beauty. Wonderful family pets from show quality dogs for the family who wants to own the very best.

Proud to Breed and Raise Quality Standard and Miniature Poodles.....    from                                                                                  AKC Champion sires and dams. Bred for correct conformation, excellent coats, loving personalities and brains.  Puppies are sold on limited registration unless under show contract.  Contact Nola for more info and pictures. 
"We reserve the right to hold a puppy for show evaluation. No puppy is sold until deposit is received"

Quality Standard and Miniature Poodles 

 contact:   NOLA at........ [email protected] or [email protected] ,............If you are seriously  interested  in a wonderful family addition, please call or [email protected] or call 609-268-5572.  Deposits will be accepted, please inquire.

 Member of the William Penn Poodle Club and Burlington County Kennel Club.  AKC Breeder of Merit.


STANDARDS: anticipate litter mid 2018. Always Champion sired with spectacular personalities! 

 MINIATURES: .....  miniature litters for 2018 are being researched and testing completed on several new females. Call or write for more info! Anticipate puppies late 2018.  Deposits accepted and waiting list started!


Silver miniature..... Home of.....  Ranger, Amer/Can CH Cabryn Lone Ranger, is a TOP PRODUCER and was a TOP TEN miniature poodle in 2007.  He has produced lovely puppies with gorgeous heads, correct tail sets and thick coats.  Frozen semen will be available from Ranger. We are lucky to present soon his newest daughters as they hit the showing later this year......his Granddaughter, Aubrey, a beautiful silver miniature who was the dream of our good friend, Barbara Burdick,  will fulfill everyones expectations wither first litter in 2018......

 No 'doodle' breeding please. 

  Watch the puppy pages for picture updates of our litters........See puppy available page for more information.  New photos!!!

View our 2009 Standard Puppy litter. Pictures from birth to present.*  Are you up to owning the very best? Call or write for information regarding new puppies available.***  Lenox is in that litter and now the mom of 2 standard litters .  Which one will follow her mom's footsteps into the show ring????? see below........

Update on the 2014 standard litter produced our newest show girl, Siri.  Officially known as "CH Firebrook Siriusly Enough Said". Her show career included a first place win at Poodle Club of America in  April 2015 in the American Bred class.  She had several Best of Variety wins (over specials) after that..... finishing with a 5 and 3 point major.

Siri finished her championship Oct 2015.  Retired now, she is enjoying life with the 'human boys' and romping in the yard.  What's next???


Firebrook is proud to announce that Champion Ranger is now a TOP PRODUCER  and has sired more than 14 champions so far and several others are entering the show ring this year. We are searching for the next show prospects.  His puppies make a splash and everyone loves owning one, so if interested in joining the family, please let us know..............he is now retired from breeding, at 13 he has far surpassed our expectations and has added greatly to silver miniatures that he has sired.

 We couldn't be more proud of our girls! See LENOX presented at PCA 2011 in English Saddle placing 2nd in the huge 12-18 month class  ..........visit her page.  

We are always striving to produce a better dog, one we can be proud of, who will live in a family as a great companion not "just a pet". If serious about owning a spectacular dog that represents the breed, please call or write....we love to chat POODLE!

 Member of the William Penn Poodle Club. visit the website at                                                                                                                                                                                                      


  Unique poodles ....... Firebrook poodles can come in cream, white, silver, blue and black.

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